Our Story

Ascend Engineering was founded in 2007 by Mechanical Engineer Scott Hadley and his wife Karen Hadley. Scott is a 40-year veteran of the industry and brings his knowledge base to the company as the President and Chief Engineer. Ascend Engineering has pledged to inspire the younger generation to the craft of CNC Machining with Machinist and Engineering apprenticeships and internships facilitated by a staff of subject-matter experts.

We are driven by values

For over 10 years Ascend Engineering has offered its customers superior engineering expertise and quality manufacturing. We uphold the importance of hard work and integrity in every project we complete.

Our engineering focuses on implementing solutions for each customer’s design set up and programming needs. Our manufacturing customers rely on us for fair prices, quality products and on time delivery, which in turn makes their businesses grow and succeed.

Ascend Engineering is small enough for individual attention (to our customers) but large enough for quality standards and processes on production runs.  We back up our quality and guarantee our products.


We constantly revise our manufacturing processes
to ensure the shortest lead time and most efficient

Deeply Committed

We treat each job as a priority and are fully transparent and open with our customers
with any updates and inquiries on the status
of open jobs on our floor.

Highly Skilled

Each employee is trained by only the most experienced of machinists on our floor to ensure
our standards and processes are enforced, and any non-conformities are identified and isolated.

Scott Hadley

President/ Chief Engineer

Karen Hadley

Vice President

Stephen Balionis

General Manager